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[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”24″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Golden Baked Croissants” description=”We make a variety of croissants” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”22″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Cakes” description=”We are dedicated to making cakes that are both moist and flavorful. All of our cakes are frosted and decorated with precision.” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”23″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Cookies” description=”Our sumptuous sugar cookies are a labor of love. They are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients and extracts.” add_link=”” class=””]
[vu_service_item type=”image” image=”25″ image_alingment=”top” title=”Muffins” description=”Our muffins can be decorated to suit any occasion. From birthdays to weddings, our muffins are the perfect single-serving confection.” add_link=”” class=””]

Different types of bread products

You will find them only the best products in our stores

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