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A. Romaine and Feta Cheese with roasted almonds

$1.95 per serving

B. Pasta and Vegetable with parmesan cheese

$7.95 per pound

C. Pasta and Shrimp with spinach

$8.50 per pound

D. Carrot and Raisin with pineapple, grape, & roasted almonds

$5.95 per pound

E. Potato with ham and broccoli

$5.50 per pound

F. Rice and Shrimp with corn and snow peas

$8.50 per pound

G. Rice and Sausage with green peppers and romaine

$6.95 per pound

H. Spagetti and Chicken with diced tomato and spinach

$6.95 per pound

I. Sautéed Sesame Chicken with green bean and orange

$8.50 per pound

J. Vegetarian Tabouli

$6.50 per pound

K. Nicoise: tuna, potato, olive, tomato, egg, green bean & romaine

$6.95 per pound

L. Smoked Salmon with green pepper, cucumber, potato, tomato, feta cheese and romaine

$9.95 per pound

M. Seasonal Fresh Fruit with fresh mint

$7.95 per pound

N. Pasta with fresh basil and tomato

$7.95 per pound

O. Potato with ham, cheese and egg

$8.95 per pound

P. Curry Chicken with orange and wild rice

$7.95 per pound

Q. Mexican: rice, corn, peppers, celery and sausage

$6.95 per pound

R. Cucumber with tomato, broccoli and blue cheese

$6.50 per pound

S. Macaroni with ham, broccoli, shrimp and blue cheese

$8.50 per pound

T. Roast Beef with peppers, romaine, potato, tomato, onion, carrot and corn

$6.95 per pound



CHEESE AND CRACKERS An assortment of cheese and crackers.

$3.50 per person

FRESH FRUIT Seasonal fresh fruit and berries

$7.50 per pound

FRESH FRUIT AND CHEESE Fresh fruit and an assortment of cheese

$4.25 per person

VEGETABLE Fresh vegetables with Gerard’s homemade dips

$3.50 per person

COOKIE An assortment of our cookie selection (three cookies per person)

$2.25 per person

COOKIE and BROWNIE Two cookies and a small brownie per person

$2.50 per person


$3.50 per person

Custard or lemon

$15.95 per dozen

Peach, cherry, mixed fruit, chocolate, apple, pear, cream cheese or almond

$18.95 per dozen

ASSORTED MEAT and CHEESE with DIPS and BREAD SLICES Roast beef, turkey, ham, and an assortment of cheese

$6.95 per person

WATERMELON BASKET Serves about 25 to 30 people


** Our prices are subject to change without notice **